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With CSA Services’ leading energy management expertise, advice and support you can reduce your energy consumption and improve your energy saving. Changing your lighting can be the most cost-effective and easiest way to reduce your power bills. Lighting in homes accounts for 8 to 15% of the average household electricity budget.

LED lighting can replace most standard lights used in and around homes. They are reliable, last longer than standard lights, help reduce maintenance costs and produce less heating resulting in reduced air conditioning loads.

It’s important for you to replace both your light and the transformer in your roof for optimal performance. Just replacing your globes will not achieve the same results. When performing together, an LED globe and transformer may last 10 times longer than traditional halogen lighting and it produces the same amount of light with less wattage.

CSA Services can advise you on the best lighting solutions to reduce your energy consumption.

When you choose CSA Services you receive quality solutions, expert advice and installation from an honest and trusted company.

We deliver exceptional customer care, backed by genuine business relationships and industry expertise.

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