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Commercial Hotwater

Solar hot water can reduce your building’s energy consumption and improve carbon emissions. Some of the cost of solar hot water may be offset by government rebates.

Traditional electric-powered hot water systems are damaging to both your business’s bottom line and the environment.

At CSA Services our energy management experts can help your business choose from a range of quality solar hot water solutions.

Our number one choice for solar hot water is the use of evacuated tube solar collectors. These systems have high-efficiency, are lightweight and have low-maintenance construction.

Creating an evacuated tube solar system involves the installation of glass tubes mounted on the roof. These tubes transfer heat from the air into copper pipes that heat the water and move it into an insulated storage tank.

At CSA Services our leading energy management experts will:

1. Design and install a system based on your needs

One of our energy management professionals will assess your needs and work with you to choose a hot water system based on your requirements.

2. Drive your savings

At CSA Services we will help ensure you have the most energy-efficient equipment and recommend the best tariff for you. We’ll also let you know about any government power incentives you can claim.

We bring you:

  • The highest quality solar hot water systems
  • Competitive prices
  • Leading industry warranties
  • Exceptional after sales service

When you choose CSA Services you receive quality solar solutions, expert advice and installation from an honest and trusted company.

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