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Remote and off-grid energy solutions

Solar Panel Array Remote

As leading solar and energy management experts with more than 20 years of experience, we are pioneering smart power solutions for places where the grid is unavailable, unreliable or too expensive to connect.

We deliver stand-alone systems capable of supplying energy efficient, reliable and renewable power for all of your requirements. Our systems optimise efficiency and minimise running costs…and your carbon footprint.

We bring you:

  • High quality and durable components to suit harsh Australian conditions
  • The latest technology for clean, green power
  • Leading expertise through our expert engineering team and Clean Energy Council accreditation
  • Leading industry warranties
  • Exceptional after sales service

We will work with you to provide a system that suits all of your requirements and will have you up and running with off-grid solar power in no time.

Look at our revolutionary self-powered portable container solutions that are transforming the future of energy use…

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