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Commercial Storage

At CSA Services we want to create a new energy future. One that helps homeowners; businesses and communities reduce energy costs, increase property values and lock-in savings for years to come.

As leading energy management experts we deliver exceptional customer care, backed by genuine business relationships and industry expertise. This allows us to create innovative power storage solutions for the future.

Storing sunshine

New energy storage solutions can bring the power of the sun to light the dark. Our energy storage system allows excess solar energy to be stored in batteries during off-peak times to be used during peak hours to reduce your energy bill or stored for use at night-time.

An example of our innovative in energy storage is our Mobi-Power. We have pioneered Mobi-Power, a revolutionary container solution that can accommodate up to a 4kW solar array on a 20’ container and up to 8kW solar array on a 40’ container. This allows containers to be shipped to site, powered and ready to go.

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