What else can I do around the home to be more energy efficient?

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There are a number of ways you can create a more energy efficient home.

Monitor your energy consumption

Today there are some fantastic ways to monitor your energy consumption. By investing in power monitors you can see at a glance where savings can be made in your household and even see your energy consumption in real-time. This encourages households to save money as the cost of electricity is right there in front of you!

Replace old technology

Are your appliances energy efficient? How old are your washing machine, dryer and fridge? Upgrading old energy hungry appliances to their energy efficient counterparts can save your hip pocket in the long-term.

Check your habits...and your lights

Remember to turn lights off when they are not in use and importantly find out if you are using energy efficient lighting. Old incandescent light bulbs can be replaced with LED lighting to save on energy consumption.

Other tips

Making sure your home is well insulated, windows are tinted, running your air conditioner at the correct temperature at 24°C solar heating your pool and using fans instead of air conditioning can all help make your home more energy efficient and create savings on your energy bill.

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