What is solar storage?

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New energy storage solutions can bring the power of the sun to light the dark. Energy storage is exciting and it's here today for you to use. It's the next step up from solar panels and means you can store the power of the sun.

An energy storage system allows excess solar energy generated by solar panels to be stored in batteries during low usage times for use during high usage times to reduce your energy bill; or be stored for use at nighttime.

The energy from your solar panels that is not being used passes through an inverter/charger and is stored in a bank of batteries to be converted back to 240 Volts (AC) to power your home when you need it!

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What are the other benefits of getting solar?

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Australia has the highest average solar radiation of any continent in the world and by installing solar you can take advantage of this abundant free natural resource.

The Australian solar industry is also a global leader in research and innovation, which means you benefit first from new technology.

Solar power is a zero-emission electricity source and one megawatt hour (MWh) of solar-derived electricity is estimated to avoid approximately one tonne of carbon dioxide so it's also an environmentally friendly choice.

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