How does a solar photovoltaic (PV) system work?

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Solar in three simple steps...

  1. The sun shines on solar panels which generates DC electricity
  2. This electricity is fed into a solar inverter, which converts it to AC electricity that is suitable for use in your home
  3. Any surplus electricity is then fed back into the grid

The direct current (DC) electricity generated by the solar panels passes through a device called an inverter. This is then converted to alternating current 240 Volts (AC), which is what we use everyday through outlets in our home.

This AC electricity is either fed into your home for you to use, or is fed back into the electricity grid. This occurs when you are generating more than you are consuming. You receive credits (feed-in tariffs) for that excess electricity, which are offset against the cost of power that you take from the grid when needed.

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