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What is solar storage?

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New energy storage solutions can bring the power of the sun to light the dark. Energy storage is exciting and it's here today for you to use. It's the next step up from solar panels and means you can store the power of the sun.

An energy storage system allows excess solar energy generated by solar panels to be stored in batteries during low usage times for use during high usage times to reduce your energy bill; or be stored for use at nighttime.

The energy from your solar panels that is not being used passes through an inverter/charger and is stored in a bank of batteries to be converted back to 240 Volts (AC) to power your home when you need it!

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Prepare For A Power Shift


Australia is on the brink of a power revolution. Hot on the heels of the rapid uptake of residential photovoltaic (PV) solar power systems is the next logical step for this cutting edge technology: solar storage.

The opportunity to store energy generated from solar power - for later rather immediate use - will radically change the way Australians access, and pay, for power.

Leading the charge is the Tesla Powerwall, a sleek lithium ion battery that is set to start powering solar-ready Australian homes and small businesses from the end of 2015.

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Tesla Powerwall - a worthy investment or $800 million hype?

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla recently announced that Australia will be one of the first markets to receive their ground-breaking home battery system. This announcement is expected to have a big impact on the Australian energy sector and has expanded discussion around energy storage. According to Bloomberg Business, Tesla has taken orders worth roughly $800 million in potential revenue. So, what does energy storage mean for the average Australian household and people who are considering investing in solar?

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