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  • Use federal government’s $20k tax break to slash your power bills

Use federal government’s $20k tax break to slash your power bills

greendollarsymbolsmallDo you face rising electricity costs? Australia's small businesses can now use the federal government's recently announced $20,000 instant asset write-off to tackle rising electricity costs and permanently reduce your power bills.

How do I reduce my power bill?

Investing in solar to power your business will save money and increase profits, improve your long-term building valuations and reduce your carbon emissions.

Here's an example of how a typical small business can slash its power bills by investing in a 10kw solar system.

Business power bill: $2000 - $3000 per quarter
Permanent savings: $600 - $900 per quarter

You can slash nearly $4000 each year from your power bill and benefit from a tax break!

CSA Services can help power your savings

CSA Services are energy management experts; we can help you to understand your business energy needs. We can design a solar panel solution for your roof that will give you the best return on your investment and take into account your energy needs.

To help you take advantage of the $20 000 tax break, CSA Services have put together a Small Business Solar Package.

This package includes a SMA 10W inverter and 40 (250W) Canadian Solar Panels.

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is recognised globally as an innovator in the solar industry. Their solar panels are of exceptional quality delivering high-energy performance and reliable, long term, safe outcomes.


SMA is a world leader in solar inverters. They are fully designed and manufactured in Germany and set the benchmark in the residential, commercial and utility solar markets.

On top of this, if you order our Small Business Solar Package before the third State of Origin match on 8th July 2015 CSA Services will prepare an expert energy management plan.

This will be a one to three year plan that will help you find affordable ways to progressively make changes and become more energy efficient.

CSA Services will also make sure you're aware of any rebates, especially for the surplus solar electricity your new panels may generate and put back into the grid.

Our employees are Clean Energy Council accredited for the design and installation of PV projects and our licensed electricians will install your system.

We have a strong reputation as an expert, honest and trusted company.

Contact us now to take advantage of our Small Business Solar Package and slash your power bill.


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