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SolarEdge Monitoring

CSA Services offer cutting-edge monitoring through "The Edge" package.

You can see how your system is performing anywhere, anytime. From your desktop, you have access to a web-based portal for remote monitoring. From your smartphone, you can view an app that lets you see real-time, online data. With "The Edge" package, you can monitor your system's Residential monitoring with iPhoneperformance 24/7 and so can we!

The SolarEdge real time monitoring (web and mobile) is free for 25 years and it can help you dramatically improve the performance of your system by making sure it generates the most power for your home. It can also help reduce maintenance costs because issues such as dirty panels can be resolved quickly.

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The SolarEdge PV Monitoring Portal delivers:


The dashboard displays important data "at a glance". You can view your energy production on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis and easily monitor your power consumption.

Bird's eye view

You can create and monitor the physical layout of your panels on your roof. This means you can easily see real-time performance data for each individual panel and for the whole system. Use the playback function to view your system's performance over a selected period of time. Underperforming modules can be easily tracked by colour coding.

Measure your performance!

SolarEdge monitoring allows you to chart the performance of your system. You can see power curves, output performance and identify patterns, like how the weather influences the amount of power your system generates.


With cutting-edge monitoring, you can generate a number of reports from your system. You can chart the performance of each panel over time or zoom in on a specific day.


If there are any faults with your system, you will receive an automatic alert indicating the exact fault location and description. You can even configure your own alerts!

Monitor on the go!

If you invest in "The Edge" package with CSA Services, you'll also have access to an application for remote monitoring from your iPhone or Android.

The SolarEdge monitoring application lets you:

View your dashboard on your smartphone

You can see the performance of your system at your fingertips. You also have historical data and forecasted weather data to help see how your system is performing!

Share with Friends

If you are invested in promoting the benefits of power from the sun, get social and share your PV system output with your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter.

If you have "The Edge" at home and installed on a rental property you can monitor both sites, anywhere, anytime. You can also configure the system and switch to different languages if that's required.


Contact CSA Services to learn more about "The Edge" package now!

"I would like to say formally how impressed I was with your workmen and the way they fitted the system. The whole job was installed and fully functional within the agreed timeframe and also to mention that any mess that was made was cleared away. Your guys showed professionalism throughout the install with little to none interruption to me. Could you please pass my appreciation onto Chris and his team"

Chris L, Mango Hill


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