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Save on your swimming pool and spa costs with CSA Services

on Thursday, 04 February 2016.

CSA Blog 3 Main WebUSE fSwimming pools and spas are great for cooling off on a summer's day. Yet, they can also consume huge amounts of energy and water.

According to the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, for a typical home, maintaining an in-ground pool can account for up to 30 percent of a household's energy bills. A pool pump can be the largest user of electricity in a home—sometimes using more energy than your washing machine, clothes dryer and dishwasher combined!

Back to the future with CSA Services

on Thursday, 04 February 2016.

CSA Blog 2 Pic webChanging your lighting can be the most cost-effective and easiest way to reduce your power bills. Lighting in homes accounts for 8 to 15 per cent of the average household electricity budget so it’s one of the first and easiest places to make efficiency savings.

Thomas Edison patented the first commercially viable incandescent light bulb more than 130 years ago but the last ten years has seen the rise of energy efficient LED lighting to replace old technology.

However, recent research suggests we may see a “back to the future” return of the humble Edison globe in our lifetime.


Check your electricity use and prevent bill shock!

on Thursday, 04 February 2016.

CSA Blog 1 Pic 4

In the middle of a scorching hot summer the temptation to turn the air conditioning down to a crisp 21 degrees is overwhelming and the resulting electricity bill can be shocking!

Tesla Powerwall - a worthy investment or $800 million hype?

on Thursday, 29 October 2015.


Tesla recently announced that Australia will be one of the first markets to receive their ground-breaking home battery system. This announcement is expected to have a big impact on the Australian energy sector and has expanded discussion around energy storage. According to Bloomberg Business, Tesla has taken orders worth roughly $800 million in potential revenue. So, what does energy storage mean for the average Australian household and people who are considering investing in solar?

September 30 deadline looms for inverters over 3kW

on Tuesday, 15 September 2015.


solarpanels-rooftopAs a valued client of CSA Services, we like to keep you informed of the most up-to-date industry information to help transform the way you create and use energy.

Beat new requirements for Inverter Energy Systems

From September 30, 2015 Energex will change the assessment requirements for Inverter Energy Systems (IES) so that IES above 3kVA will no longer be automatically approved without a detailed technical assessment.


Government deadline looms: add those extra solar panels now

on Friday, 23 October 2015.


greenpiggyplugNew Australian Standards for solar systems

From July 12, 2015 Standards Australia will change the installation and safety requirements of solar systems. Some inverters will be removed from the Clean Energy Council's approved list and will no longer meet the eligibility requirements for NEW Small Scale Technology Certificates.

Small Scale Technology Certificates help reduce the cost of what you pay upfront for your solar panels. In some cases, they can reduce the cost by thousands of dollars.


IKEA Logan commercial solar installation

on Tuesday, 17 February 2015.

ikea2guysCSA Services is proud to be part of Australia's largest commercial PV project, which is owned by IKEA Australia Pty Ltd and is being developed by Canadian Solar Australia.

Globally, fifty per cent of IKEA's energy use is from renewable sources. Ikea's goal is to produce more energy than they consume.

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Invest in solar technology for future savings

on Monday, 07 December 2015.

CSA Invest in solar blog WEBThe pace of technology is astounding, especially in the solar industry where companies are driven to create more innovative, efficient and high-energy performance systems than ever before.

CSA Services believe if you invest wisely now in the right solar energy system you will see long-term financial savings. You can also have a positive impact on the health of our planet for future generations.

Prepare for a power shift

on Monday, 07 December 2015.

backgroundhouse1Australia is on the brink of a power revolution. Hot on the heels of the rapid uptake of residential photovoltaic (PV) solar power systems is the next logical step for this cutting edge technology: solar storage.

The opportunity to store energy generated from solar power - for later rather immediate use - will radically change the way Australians access, and pay, for power.

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